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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • With your help, we reached the target!

    Our crowdfunding campaign was a great success and we've raised over £5,000 to go on a Bus Rescue Mission!

  • Stephanie boards the demand-responsive taxi

    Stephanie's journey to hospital near Fleet used to take less than an hour. Now, thanks to cuts, it can take four.

    Follow her journey LIVE and Save Our Buses!

  • Maps website screenshots

    How do you think traffic has changed in your area in recent years? What cuts have been made to your local buses? Explore the first two maps on our brand new site and find out.

  • At the Time to Act demo we marched alongside 20,000 inspiring people to call for action on climate change. Will you help us to make transport greener?

  • New roads create new traffic - tell us how you would spend £30 billion

    We think the Government's road-building plans would be a waste of money.

    Download a blank poster and send us YOUR ideas for how to spend £30 billion




Martin Abrams
31 Mar 2015

Last week Industry body The Rail Delivery Group and Government body The Office of Rail and Road published a ‘Code of Practice on retail information for rail tickets and services.’ 



10 April 2015
Campaign for Better Transport has responded to press reports that the Conservative Party is set to promise an end to above inflation train fare increases.

Martin Abrams


Stephanie boards the responsive demand taxi
Martin Abrams
13 Apr 2015

Stephanie and Sarah's bus trip to their local hospital used to take less than an hour. Now it takes up to four hours, thanks to service cuts. So... Read more



Thanks to the hard work and generous pledges of hundreds of supporters, we reached our goal of £5,000 on our Bus Rescue Mission crowdfunding campaign!

Martin Abrams


LEP Watch logo
Sian Berry
22 Apr 2015

To kick off our new LEP Watch project, I went on a tour of Hastings to see for myself the many business parks and link roads carving chunks out of... Read more



Gabriel from the Combe Haven Defenders is opposing a destructive link road near Hastings funded by the South East LEP, and is taking the battle into court. Read his guest post to find out why.... Read more

Sian Berry

Better transport

James MacColl
16 Apr 2015

The run-up to the election is a great time to question your local candidates about what they would do if elected.

Better Transport


New research shows we can make a significant reduction in road traffic and congestion by getting more freight onto rail and water, especially on the busiest routes.

Philippa Edmunds

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