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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • For the first time in years, rail fares aren’t outpacing wage increases. That's just one of the many ways we've improved transport for everyone this year and we couldn’t have done this without donations from people like you.

    This Giving Tuesday, support Campaign for Better Transport and help us to get an even better deal for...

  • Bus photo with words "We've saved the BSOG"

    The Bus Service Operators Grant is secure, after more than 1,000 of you asked the Chancellor to save this vital funding for buses.

    Find out how we did it.

  • 30 years since the Transport Act deregulated bus services, our Buses in Crisis report shows the massive cuts we've seen since, with 25 per cent of funding axed in the past five years alone.

    We're calling on the Government to act now to reverse the fall of vital bus transport.

  • Can you help make our major roads greener? Photo by natuurbrugzandpoort.nl

    Highways England is supposed to be spending more than £500 million to reduce the environmental impact of main roads but progress is painfully slow.

    Use your local knowledge and our new map to help us send them a plan!

  • Photo montage of local transport groups

    Meet great people and improve transport in your area.

    Cycling groups... 20's Plenty groups... groups campaigning for rail lines to be reopened... and many more.

    Our map features around 200 local groups. Find one near you!



Andrew Allen
01 Dec 2015

Many rail users prefer being 'passengers' rather than 'customers', but do the railways protect you as a consumer? 



29 October 2015

Campaign for Better Transport has responded to figures from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) showing that Britain's rolling stock is at... Read more

James MacColl


Martin Abrams
27 Nov 2015

On Wednesday Chancellor George Osborne took a break from mooching about on a building site in his hi-vis jacket and entered the House of Commons... Read more



29 September 2015

Campaign for Better Transport has called for urgent action to stem the collapse in bus... Read more


Image curtesy of Pittou2 https://www.flickr.com/photos/pittou2/
Andrew Allen
30 Sep 2015

Now we know what's really coming out of some car exhaust pipes. It's clear we can't afford to spend billions building new roads for ever more cars... Read more



Vicki from Here for Hereford is working to stop a proposed Southern Link Road destroying ancient woods, nature sites and heritage in her city. Read her guest blog post and lend your support to her... Read more

Sian Berry

Better transport

Photo: construction work
Stephen Joseph OBE
26 Nov 2015

So after months of waiting we can now see transport spending priorities for the next few years - and it's not a good read.

Better Transport


It must have seemed a good plan. Reform vehicle taxes so as to keep revenue coming in, and put that revenue (at least in England) into roads as a new "Road Fund". Motorists and Government... Read more

Stephen Joseph OBE

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