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Save our buses

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Roads to Nowhere

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    Children exposed to air pollution are at risk of serious health problems, and transport is the main offender. 

    Are you concerned about air quality where you live? We've brought together useful information on transport and air pollution to help you take action.

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    Brexit must not be used as an excuse to backtrack on climate, nature, air pollution or other EU environmental protections.

    Campaign for Better Transport is part of The Climate Coalition which has launched a Pledge for the Environment. Please ask your MP to sign.

  • This plan will put lives at risk

    The Government wants to turn the hard shoulder on many stretches of motorway into an extra traffic lane. This will put lives at risk and generate extra traffic, noise and pollution.

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    New research has found that nearly 80% of local authorities have reduced school and college transport since 2010.

    Families are suffering, and we're ALL affected as an extra 100 million car journeys are made each year.

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    We welcome this Bill, which promises to give councils new powers to improve bus services.

    Now let's campaign for it to REALLY help passengers. Sign up to our Buses e-bulletin and we'll keep you informed.



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27 Sep 2016

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It's World Car Free Day on 22 September, a day to encourage and celebrate travelling by public transport, cycling, walking or simply becoming less dependent on our cars. 

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Better Transport


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