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Let's tell Boris not to increase fares

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15 October 2009: The Mayor of London's plans to increase bus and tube fares and cut services show where his priorities really lie.

Bus fares will rise by 12.7% and tube fares by 3.9% in 2010 while buses and off-peak tube services in outer London will be cut. The fare rises have been introduced to raise money - an extra £125 million a year. But Boris can't be that concerned about money. He's happy to lose £50 million a year because of his decision to scrap the western extension of the congestion charge zone.

This isn't about money, it's about priorities. The Mayor's decision will make life harder for ordinary working Londoners, and will push people back into their cars in outer London, where traffic levels are already too high.

If you think Boris needs to rethink his priorities, email him at mayor@london.gov.uk