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Find out more about our campaign to Save Our Buses.

  • 24 June 2014

    Ray Wilkes leads Campaign for Better Transport West Yorkshire Local Group and has been campaigning for sustainable public transport for many years. We asked Ray to write a guest blog giving his take on the state of the nation's buses whilst continuing our theme of focussing on Yorkshire. Here...

  • 12 June 2014

    Over the last few months and weeks almost every news story on buses in North Yorkshire has been bleak. Firstly, last year North Yorkshire County Council proposed to cut £1.1 million, almost 30 per cent of its funding for supported bus services, and carried out a public consultation. 

  • 08 April 2014

    It’s very easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom of bus cuts, but there are many good people who stand up and fight against them, Tracy Battensby is one such person and she tells her inspiring story here...

  • 20 March 2014

    Eyes down! This week the Chancellor stood at the despatch box and delivered his ‘bingo budget’, but there was nothing for buses in his statement.

  • 11 March 2014

    Today we sent a clear message to the Chancellor George Osborne that enough is enough and action needs to be taken to halt the decline of our bus services across the country.

  • 01 March 2014

    The concessionary bus pass is often criticised as a subsidy to rich pensioners. But in fact it's a vital part of everyday life for millions of people. Each of the 9.7 million concessionary passes held by older and disabled people is used an average of 105 times a year. Pensioners on the lowest...

  • 14 February 2014

    Recently we heard the great news that Lancashire County Council had u-turned on a decision to cut £3.8m from its bus funding over two years. This could have meant many vital bus routes being cut completely, which would have caused social isolation and misery for thousands of people who depend on...

  • 07 February 2014

    We are only one month into 2014 but already we have seen a significant number of Local Authorities making financially agonising decisions to cut funding for vital supported bus services. From what we have seen so far 2014 could really be the year that Local Government spending cuts really start...

  • 23 January 2014

    Today we have launched an interactive map that lets you see exactly what is happening to supported buses in your area.

  • 13 December 2013

    13 December 2013: This week we have published our annual research into supported bus services across England and Wales. Our ‘Buses in Crisis’ report has found that 46 per cent of local authorities have reduced their support for buses in 2013-14 with a number threatening to remove all support in...