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Petition: Tell the Government and Association of Train Operating Companies we need part-time tickets now, not later!

Train companies are still not offering rail season tickets for part-time workers. This means that part-time workers must buy expensive one-off tickets, or season tickets which they then waste on the days they don't work.

Fair Fares Now logoIn October 2013 the last Government finally announced there would be a trial of flexible rail tickets for part time workers on a busy London commuter route. Four years on and the millions of part time and flexible workers who commute to work by rail are still waiting whilst the Government and the rail industry drag their feet.

Our labour market has changed and part time work is on the increase. There are now well over 8 million part time workers in the UK, 4 million who work flexibly and over 750,000 on zero hours contracts and yet there is almost zero flexibility in our fares and ticketing system to make rail travel affordable for this vital army of workers.

This is not just an economic issue but also a gender equality issue, as four out of five part time workers are women.

Please sign our petition and tell the Government and the rail industry to stop dragging their feet and give us part-time tickets now!