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Save Our Buses Hertfordshire

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Just say no

Say no to bus cuts. That was the clear message to Hertfordshire County Council last October when we were asked about cuts to our bus services. Now we are being asked virtually the same questions again in a new consultation that suggests we might be happier with cuts to services from 7.30pm instead of 6.30pm. These cuts must be rejected outright by all who have a stake in the success of Hertfordshire's economy and the wellbeing of everyone in the county.

In a further assault on people's aspirations for a better Hertfordshire, the council has also removed any commitment to improve transport opportunities for all; support economic wellbeing; maximise independent living; be a leading council; and reduce carbon emissions. These phrases have been removed from the council's bus strategy that is being consulted on at the same time as the bus service cuts.

It looks like the council is just walking away from any kind of goals for transport and the economy in the county. If other councils around the country can maintain their bus services in the current economic climate then why isn't Hertfordshire trying some of the measures they have adopted?

Please sign our petition and find out more on our website.