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  • What is Better Transport?

What is Better Transport?

Our vision is a country where communities have affordable transport that improves quality of life and protects the environment. We have three big campaigns that focus on rail fares, buses and fighting road schemes but better transport goes much further than that.


Rail fares are too high but that's not the only improvement that could be made to our network. In this section find out about:

Local Transport

Local transport has a vital part to play in helping transport become more sustainable. In this section find out about


Moving goods around puts a lot of heavy lorries on roads that were not designed for them. We think there are better options. In this section find out about the dangers of longer lorries and our sister campaign Freight on Rail.

Bringing it all together

We think that transport policy should promote seamless, integrated transport that works for everyone. We've carried out projects to find out how this might work. In this section find out about

Reducing carbon emissions from transport

Large cuts in transport emissions of carbon dioxide are essential if the UK is to meet its climate change targets. And that means making radical changes in our transport lifestyle. These changes would also boost the green economy, increase energy security, support healthier lifestyles and create stronger communities.

Bedfordshire demo

Local campaigners' stories

We support hundreds of local campaigners who are improving transport for communities up and down the country. Here are some of their stories: