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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

Better...Local Transport

If our transport systems are to become more sustainable, local government has an important role to play. We think local councils should set ambitious targets improving local transport including traffic reduction targets and support for walking and cycling.

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Through sustained campaigning we persuaded the Government to create a Local Sustainable Transport Fund to be spent on local green transport projects. The first projects were awarded funding in 2011 and a number have now been completed.


Trams are a good solution to transport problems in large towns and cities. They can carry large numbers of people but still be integrated with exisitng transport systems, but we have only six tram systems in the UK at the moment.

Walking and Cycling

Walking and cycling are good for the environment and good for you, but local and national Government need to take action to increase safety and integrate them with other forms of transport.

Reducing Traffic

Too many of us live in areas dominated by traffic, not people, which is creating a noisy, unsafe, unfriendly, unhealthy society. We need to cut traffic for our own health and wellbeing and in order to improve the places we live, shop and visit.