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Tell Transport Minister we need safer lorry design now, not in 12 years time

Safer, more aerodynamic HGV cab designs, which can save hundreds of lives, are supported in principle by EU politicians; however, some member states, led by France and Sweden, are trying to delay the revised designs until after 2025 after pressure from certain truck manufacturers.


There is no justification for this moratorium, as the new designs can be implemented on a voluntary basis. But it would appear that Volvo and Renault, who are leading the push for delaying the new designs, don't want competitors to develop new designs before they do.

The new design will allow more direct vision to reduce blind spots and has a crumple zone to make sure pedestrians and cyclists are not knocked underneath the wheels in a collision. 

The revision of this legislation, which allows for the extra cab space needed for the new cab designs, is supported by our Government and the official opposition as well as both the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

Statistics illustrate how crucial the new HGV cab designs are:

  • In London, lorries were involved in over half of cyclists' deaths even though they only made up 5% of traffic in both 2011 and 2012.
  • Government figures show that in the UK as a whole, HGVs were involved in 51% of fatal collisions on motorways - even though they only made up 11% of motorway traffic in 2012

Furthermore, the new aerodynamic designs will reduce fuel costs, which represent around a third of hauliers' costs, by up to 10%. 

However, more lives will be needlessly lost if the introduction of new designs is delayed - so please use the simple form below to email Robert Goodwill  MP, Under Secretary of State for Transport, to press him to support changing this law to allow (but not mandate), more aerodynamic, safer lorry designs as soon as possible. You can also copy your email to your local MP and the MEPs in your region.