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Voices join to call for greener transport

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Photo: woman on public transport

Reducing carbon emissions from transport is one of the most pressing environmental challenges we face. So when the Government launched a public consultation this summer on how to shrink transport's carbon footprint, we knew it was a really important opportunity for people to call for action. But the consultation risked being crowded out by other concerns, so we alerted our supporters by email and through social media, and wrote a guide to help people respond.

We're so pleased that thousands of people have followed our links to respond to the Government’s consultation, and more than 450 have taken the time to tell us what they said in their responses. People like Dez from Kettering, who wants more people "to be able to rely on trains and to be able to afford trains," Fran from Taunton, who said, "I would like to see bike parking at out-of-town bus stops and in the countryside," and Simeon from Norwich, who called for "towns and cities to be built in such a way that all day-to-day travel requirements can be achieved with walking and cycling". 

Transport emissions affect everyone, so we were really glad to have made many people aware of the consultation who wouldn't otherwise have known about it. Jonathan from Wembley was one person who commented, "I would have been unlikely to have responded to the consultation were it not for Campaign for Better Transport." Serena from Nottingham said: 

"Thanks for the prompt to complete the questionnaire! It was a useful opportunity to talk about structural problems in our transport network and raise particular solutions like last mile delivery hubs, making rail the obvious first choice for longer domestic trips and that electric vehicles are not a golden bullet to decarbonise transport."
- Serena, Nottingham

As the Government's Transport Decarbonisation Plan progresses, we'll continue to call together with as many voices as possible for it to be ambitious and effective. Could you make a one-off or regular donation to help our work for better, greener, fairer transport?

Sustainable transport is more vital now than ever, not just to improve our environment and our health but also to create jobs, tackle social exclusion and help the economy to recover. Your donation can help us to work for a sustainable transport future.

I'll finish with the words of another of our supporters, Stephen from Norwich, who expressed an appetite for change that many shared: 

"Getting people out of their cars will be tough, but after COVID-19, people are up for change (I am) and what is more, they get why. We just need to get moving. It doesn't have to be seen as 'anti-car', more 'pro-city' or 'pro-people' or 'pro-planet'. I’m looking forward to it!"
- Stephen, Norwich

The Government's consultation on its Transport Decarbonisation Plan has now closed.