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The Bus Rescue Mission crowdfunder continues!

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30.03.2015 | mabrams | Save our buses

We’re halfway into our Bus Rescue Mission crowdfunding campaign, and we’ve seen a great response, with local groups and individuals pledging hundreds and helping to spread the word about the buses crisis!

We’re raising £5,000 in 30 days to send Martin Abrams on a Bus Rescue Mission - heading out to 6 key areas of England and Wales to give workshops and training to campaigners and local groups to help them to save local bus routes.

Every pledge towards the Bus Rescue Mission earns a reward as a ‘thank you’ from us, these rewards include:

  • A signed photo of our patron Jenny Agutter
  • Lunch with our Chief Executive, Stephen Joseph
  • Campaigner training - a special reward for groups who raise towards the Mission
  • An online Q&A session with Public Transport Campaigner, Martin Abrams

As readers of this blog will know, our buses are in crisis, with over 2,000 local routes and £44 million in funding cut over the past 5 years. Local campaigning efforts such as protests, petitions and awareness campaigns are key to saving these vital services.

We’ve had great success helping local groups to save services, and our Bus Rescue Mission will let us provide expert support for ongoing campaigns, as well as giving us the groundwork for broader work throughout the UK.

We need your help!

The Bus Rescue Mission means a lot to us, and reaching our target will help us to make a real difference, and we won’t receive any funds unless we hit that target!

So, if you can, please Pledge Now towards the Bus Rescue Mission!

And make sure to let all of your friends and family know how important buses are to communities throughout the country, and what a positive impact they could make by pledging!