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Hello from the new bus campaigner

Former campaigner's picture
Steve Chambers

Campaign for Better Transport welcomes an old campaigner to a new role. Steve Chambers is the new Bus Campaigner.

Hello! I’m Steve Chambers, the new Bus Campaigner. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know what I’ll be doing at Campaign for Better Transport. I’ve had a long interest in sustainable transport and have worked in various roles helping people to make the places they live better. Save Our Buses is the campaign to protect bus services from cuts and is one way to achieve this. It is the second campaign I’ve worked on at Campaign for Better Transport. I previously set up and managed the Better London Crossings campaign that supported local campaigners.

There are some things to look out for in the year ahead. Campaigners will be fighting even more council budget cuts that will affect valued bus services. However, there will also be the opportunity to support new legislation in the form of the Buses Bill that could bring improved services to your area. The devolution plans announced in the chancellor’s budget also present both risks and opportunities for campaigners.

Tell me about planned cuts and we’ll fight them together

As local transport authorities are setting their annual budgets we’ll be watching for any attempts to cut funding for socially necessary bus services. If you know of any cuts planned for your area, get in touch with me so we can keep track of this. I will also be available to help you campaign against any closures or cuts. If you need help organising a protest, responding to a consultation or any expert advice get in touch with me here.

Buses Bill could mean better bus services in your area

The government will introduce new legislation that could make it easier for local transport authorities to provide the kinds of bus services that people rely on to get to school, work or for leisure. In the coming months we’ll get more details of what powers could be given to transport authorities and we’d like to ask for your support in telling government what a difference these changes could make to you. Watch this space.

Devolution will change the way we campaign for better bus services

The chancellor announced that many more areas of England, including some places outside the big cities, will come under the jurisdiction of regional mayors. These mayors will be elected in May 2017 in combined authority areas including East Anglia, Lincolnshire, the West of England and the North East. The mayors will have responsibility for public transport in those areas. As soon as the potential candidates become known, the case needs to be made to keep and enhance valued bus services. I will be available to explain these changes and help you adjust your campaigning to make sure your voice is heard.

I’m really pleased to be working on this important campaign at such a critical time and look forward to helping local campaigners protect and enhance the bus services their communities rely on.