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Live blog: Martin's on a nightmare journey!

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13.04.2015 | mabrams | Save our buses
Stephanie boards the responsive demand taxi

Stephanie and Sarah's bus trip to their local hospital used to take less than an hour. Now it takes up to four hours, thanks to service cuts. So our Local Transport Campaigner, Martin, is accompanying them on their journey today. Follow his live blog here!

The background

Stephanie Weller, who uses a wheelchair, and Sarah Horton, both from Fleet, are videoing a bus trip to Frimley Park Hospital to show the difficulties now faced by people who rely on buses to access the hospital.

A journey which used to take well under an hour can now take up to 4 hours due to services and routes in the area being cut since Hampshire County Council slashed almost £1.5 million from their bus budget.

Our Public Transport Campaigner, Martin Abrams, is joining Sarah and Stephanie on this journey to help raise funds for our Bus Rescue Mission crowdfunding appeal which aims to help local campaigners save their threatened bus services.

Follow their journey live here (and please donate to help Save Our Buses).