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New rail stations can transform communities

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Family at Low Moor Station

"It's the best thing that's happened to our area in a long time..."

These are the words of John Ellis, who lives near Bradford - just a short walk from the newly opened Low Moor Station. The original station at Low Moor was closed as part of the Beeching Cuts in the 1960s. After years of work the Friends of Low Moor Station, working closely with West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Northern Rail, Bradford Council and Grand Central, succeeded in getting a new station built.

We talked to some more Low Moor residents about the impact the station has had on their lives.

Jon"Low Moor Station reopening after 50 years is the best thing that's happened to our area in a long time. With a little walk I can now access the whole rail network.

I use it for many trips to London on business; in the past I would have had to get off at Leeds and get a £27 taxi home."

- Jon Ellis

Dave"I use it every day to commute to work in Manchester (a job opportunity I wouldn't have been able to take without the station).

We use it as a family too - to see Tim Peake's capsule in the Science and Media Museum and to go to the Illuminate Bradford event."

- Dave Stevens

Sue"I used to work in Manchester and Leeds and the M62 and I were never the best of friends. To be able to take a direct train would have reduced my working hours and stress levels. These days I can enjoy a trip into the city to meet friends; I'm looking forward to visiting London too."

- Sue Gomersall

Helen"This station is an asset to our area.

I enjoy using it for trips out with my daughter. She's five and has questions about everything! On the train I can focus on her: we talk and play I Spy and she's in charge of the tickets! It's more of an adventure on the train!"

- Helen, pictured with daughter Eva

Dave and Rachel"Rachel caught the train yesterday to connect with the Eurostar to Belgium for work. Before the station opened she was more likely to fly. We also use the station every weekend for trips to York, Manchester, Huddersfield, Brighouse... From our point of view it's a huge boon to the area."

- Dave and Rachel

Lesley"I've used it with my bike. I've cycled to Hebden Bridge by the canal and caught the train home. I would never have done that without a local station.

My husband has been using it for business trips instead of the car, and we've had last-minute evenings out in restaurants in Halifax and Leeds which would never have happened before."

- Lesley Ellis

Lindsey"Personally the station has changed and enhanced my life considerably. I can manage to take my disabled daughter to London (no difficult train changing) and also I can easily get back from Leeds late at night. Many people say it has broadened their horizons by widening the job market."

- Lindsey Sutherland.


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