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18.05.2015 | mabrams | Fair fares now
Photo of Patrick McLoughlin at an event run by us

Patrick McLoughlin has been reappointed - but as the election dust settles, rail passengers know he has serious work to do.

We hope you're stoking up your engine, Mr McLoughlin, because we'll be calling on you to:

  • Deal with the confusing range of rail tickets on offer - ensure passengers are always sold the cheapest one available
  • Give local authorities more control over rail services in their areas
  • Re-open more rail lines and stations - here's a list to get you started

But how about you start by honouring your manifesto promise of a better deal for part-time workers? Over 8 million people are now working part-time (almost 75% of them women) - and yet there is still no equivalent of a rail season ticket for part-time workers. This is simply unfair!

We talk to a lot of dissatisfied part-time workers, and here's what just a few of them have to say:

"I commute three days a week and work from home the other two. At present I overpay for a season ticket I don't use 40% of the time. Rail providers need to get with the times" - Hugh S.
"I need to start working part-time so that I can be more support for my 92-year-old mother. The drop in salary will be enough of a blow, but if this could be eased by a season ticket for part-time workers this would help me so much" - A.G.

"I work part-time due to childcare responsibilities. I want to be with my children after school a couple of days a week. Despite this I have to buy a 5-day ticket" - Anabel Johnson.

Mr McLoughlin - we hope you're listening - because you've promised these people a better deal, and we'll be holding you to your word.


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