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Object now to the Hereford Southern Link Road

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Vicki Wegg-Prosser from Hereford

Vicki from Here for Hereford is working to stop a proposed Southern Link Road destroying ancient woods, nature sites and heritage in her city. Read her guest blog post and lend your support to her campaign.

Over the last few weeks, Here for Hereford has thrown its weight behind the campaign to Stop the Southern Link Road.

Knowledge is power. We handed out information sheets about the ways in which the Southern Link Road proposals contradicted not just the National Planning Policy Framework, but also Herefordshire Council's own Local Transport Plan. Our message is getting across. Many objectors to the scheme were able to use the information we provided to bolster their own case against the Southern Link Road.

Herefordshire farming landscapeBuilding this road makes no sense at all. Through traffic is only around 15% (if that) of the whole – the other 85% of trips have destinations in Hereford. None of the sustainable transport measures which are mentioned in the South Wye Transport Package are being pursued at the moment.

There is just a rush to put tarmac over open countryside because of supposed links with the Hereford Enterprise Zone which has easy access to the motorway network already.

The proposed road will pass through, over and under ancient woodland, high grade agricultural land (such as that in our photograph), and numerous heritage assets, such as the Royal Forest of Haye: see 'Herefordshire Through Time' on the Council's website.

It will cost upwards of £30 million for 2.6 miles of carriageway (with NO cycle or walking paths).

The Planning Application number is 151314 (find it online here) and there is still time to send in objections directly to the planning officers before Friday 7 August.

John Stewart, a trustee of Campaign for Better Transport, and Ralph Smyth, Barrister and Transport Campaign Manager for the Campaign to Protect Rural England, have each visited Hereford to learn more about the efforts of the campaign to Stop the Southern Link Road.

This is a campaign that can be won.

Please visit the Here for Hereford website and contact vickiweggprosser@gmail.com if you want to join Vicki's campaign.

Here for Hereford has produced this leaflet about the problems with the proposed Southern Link Road.

STOP PRESS: Objections to the Southern Link Road (which crosses open countryside in South Hereford) can now be lodged up until 5 November. The Council published more evidence about archaeological remains (an Iron Age fort) as did independent historians (a Medieval quarry and a Georgian bathhouse). Natural England, Historic England and the Woodland Trust have joined hundreds of objectors in raising fundamental problems with this road to nowhere.