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A letter from Philip Hammond

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13 April 2011: The Secretary of State for Transport says he welcomes our Save Our Buses campaign, and says that disproportionate decisions made by some local authorities are ‘disappointing’.

Back in February we sent a letter to the Prime Minister highlighting the fact that buses affect government objectives and provision in a broad range of areas. It is for this reason that the letter was copied to 11 Ministers with a range of portfolios, and it was signed by no less than 28 NGOs, charities and trade unions. Despite this we received this week a reply solely from the Secretary of State for Transport.

Our calls for joined up thinking were acknowledged, after all who could disagree that there should be greater cooperation between different services and parts of government whose work is affected by transport.

However localism is the new mantra, and if that means bad decisions made on a local level, the Secretary of State tells us, then that is an issue for residents rather than Ministers. This means the post code lottery of bus provision will continue and worsen unless decision makers can be persuaded that bus cuts are a false economy and that buses deserve to be given greater support.