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A stark warning for urban buses

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31 August 2011:  New figures show that one in five big city buses could be gone by 2014, at a cost of £68 million to the economy as our roads become more congested.

The Passengers Transport Executives (PTEs) in the six big cities outside London have published a report predicting how Government cuts and the economic downturn will affect the services they can provide in the future, and it’s not a pretty picture. By 2014 they forecast that bus fares will be up by 24% and kilometres travelled by bus down by 19%.

Save Our Buses has been challenging bus cuts in towns and villages, but now it is clear that buses in major metropolises are also threatened. The PTEs have used a sophisticated modelling tool to try and take into account all sorts of factors and changes. They predict that the total impact on the wider economy will be an increase in urban congestion costs of £68 million.

It is far from easy to try to make these sorts of predictions, but it is important that we try to look to the future. After all, we all know that a sustainable low carbon society means people getting out of their cars and onto public transport. If action is not taken to turn this around, David Cameron’s commitment to being the ‘greenest government ever’ will be left in tatters.