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From Nottingham to Westminster: a big bus trip with an important message

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On the buses

7 September 2011: Yesterday campaigners by the bus load travelled to the Houses of Parliament to challenge Norman Baker, Minister for buses.  

The Minister was met by bus users and campaigners who had come all the way from the East Midlands on a special bus. Filmed by the BBC, the trip was part of a documentary which will be presented by Anne Karen, who played Olive in the sitcom On the Buses.

The weather might have been damp and miserable outside but the spirit on-board was feisty and upbeat. Campaigners were quick to challenge Norman Baker when he tried to blame local authorities for the bus cuts. They had already met with local councillors who had blamed central government cuts. Too often decision makers try to pass the buck when it comes to bus cuts, and that is why Save Our Buses is calling on both central and local government to take responsibility and work together rather than pointing fingers.

Luckily the bus users and campaigners on board are not backing down. Representatives from the Belton Save Our Bus group have managed to protect their service once already, but are keeping up the pressure because the threat still looms. Members of the Woodhouse Community Wheels Bus Group were shocked when their evening and Sunday bus services were cut, but are now working together with the Parish Council to try to find solutions.

It’s a good job that these bus users are made of tough stuff!