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Transport Select Committee calls for urgent Government action to help buses

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15 August 2011: After listening to evidence from bus companies, councils, campaigners and bus users this group of MPs have published their report Bus Services After the Spending Review.

We welcome the findings, and we are pleased that MPs are awake to the troubles facing buses in the UK - but nevertheless the report does not make for cheerful reading. It is clear that bus cuts are disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups including the elderly, disabled people, young people and rural communities.

Save Our Buses has been warning for some time that the funding cuts facing buses could tip services into a spiral of terminal decline. The Committee echoes our concerns that things are likely to get worse with further cuts still to come.

The Government needs to take action now to protect the country’s bus network. The cut to the Bus Service Operators’ Grant (BSOG) that will come into force next year could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Now the Government’s own select committee has sounded the alarm, we are calling again for Ministers to review and reverse the decision to make the BSOG cut.

Campaign for Better Transport will be taking a double decker campaign bus to each of the party conferences to show politicians just how vital buses are to the economy, to the environment and to society as a whole.