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Treasury failed on equality duties when it cut bus funding

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14 May 2012: The Equalities and Human Rights Commission today criticised Treasury ministers for failing to be clear on how they had fulfilled their equality duties when they cut funding for buses in the 2010 spending review.

The EHRC found that although the Department for Transport produced some good information on the impacts on different groups on the cuts to bus service operators grant (BSOG), Treasury ministers made the final decision without the full information on the impact of cuts for those with disabilities.

In a similar case, we worked with people affected by the decision by Cambridgeshire County Council to cut all funding for the regular bus services they supported, and challenged the decision on equality duties grounds. In that case, Cambridgeshire County Council backed down and reconsulted. It would be nice if the Treasury admitted their failure to adequately consider the impact of the cuts on disabled people and looked again at the decision to cut BSOG by 20%.