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Time to stop punishing public transport commuters

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28 November 2012: In January we will have had ten year of the above inflation formula that it has been using to set the increase in rail fares each year. It is time to stop punishing those who choose to commute using public transport. But instead of that, rail fares will go up by 4.2 per cent on average.

 The most affected commuters are:

  -Canterbury to London annual ticket will increase by 5.9 per cent

  -Llanelli to Swansea annual ticket will increase by 5.5 per cent

 -Tonbridge to London annual ticket will increase by up 5.2 per cent

These figures show that ten years of the above inflation formula have left the country with the most expensive trains in Europe. In time of crisis when the government talks about boosting the economy and tackling unemployment rail fares should be affordable for everyone.

We cannot increase economic activity if we cannot afford commute to work today.  We want the Transport Secretary to set a date to meet the Government 's promise to end above-inflation rises.


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