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Overcrowding crisis is not to be ignored

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23 June 2010: In 2007, the previous Government promised, and failed, to provide 1,300 extra train carriages to reduce overcrowding on the rail network. Now it's unclear whether the Conservatives will succeed where their predecessors didn't.

Despite past accusations from the Conservatives when they were in opposition that the Labour government were "turn(ing) a blind eye to the overcrowding crisis" and stalling delivery of the extra carriages, new Transport Secretary Philip Hammond has now said he's reviewing the plans so it's not clear whether he'll deliver them either.

The National Audit Office has suggested taking seats out of existing trains so that people can be packed in to stand, rather than providing new carriages. This would be very unfair, particularly on longer journeys and for older people, disabled people and pregnant women.

After figures from the Department for Transport itself brought to light the fact that commuters are allocated less space than EU law allows for livestock, the current UK Minister of State for Transport Theresa Villiers was quoted as saying: "It is appalling that the Government's own guidance forces commuters into levels of overcrowding which would be illegal for chickens, goats and cattle under EU law"

Now that the Conservatives are in power, they seem to be happy to ignore the problem.

Help us to take action and contact Philip Hammond to tell him that this overcrowding is a serious issue, and that he must provide the extra carriages [note: action now closed].


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