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Shocked by fare rises announced today? Take part in commuter action on the 3rd January

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20 December 2011: New ticket prices for 2012 are out and it’s not a pretty picture.

Passenger outrage is bubbling up. Help us to promote a national day of commuter action; on the 3rd January 2012 we are asking passengers to ‘text, tweet or call’ to get their voice heard.

On the first business day after New Year, as people head back to work, ticket offices, train carriages and social networking sites will be buzzing with the voices of irate passengers. Everyone has a thing or two to say about fare hikes and poor service. After all it has been announced today that rail fares have gone up by 5.9% on average, with some commuters having to fork out hundreds of pounds to cover the increases. All the new ticket prices are now on the National Rail Enquiries site, so you can check your own ticket price now.

We are working with other organisations on a national day of commuter action; using modern social media tools as well as old fashioned banners and flyers to give commuters the means amplify their calls for a value for money rail service.

We need everyone to help spread the word on the World Wide Web, and to tell all their friends and colleagues. More details will be available nearer the time. Please add your contact details here to be kept up to date – or follow us on twitter @fairfaresnow.



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