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14 August - time to say no as fare rises announced

7 August 2012: On 14 August we'll find out how much rail fares will rise next year. Join us at Waterloo station to say no to plans for even higher fare rises in 2013.

We're working with our friends at Action for Rail to organise protests against the fare rises which will be announced on Tuesday 14 August. Our main protest will be at Waterloo station in London. We're asking people to come along and show that rail passengers won't stand for the plans for fare rise at 3% above the inflation rate. 
Details are
Date: 14th August
Time: 8.30 - 9.00 am
Venue: Outside Waterloo Station, corner of York Road and Sutton Walk
The last transport secretary Philip Hammond said he accepted that the railway was a "rich man's toy" and the current Transport Secretary Justine Greening has done nothing to change the policy on fare rises, which are set to be 3% above inflation in 2013 and 2014 and then 1% above inflation thereafter. 
The Government did say they wanted to "end the era of inflation busting fare rises" at some point but their latest statement kicks this into the long grass with a vague promise about this maybe happening at some point "in the long-term."
We think the time to end such high fare rises is now. We're asking our supporters to come along as "train toffs" to show that the railway is for everyone, not just the rich.
If you can't make it to the protest at London's Waterloo Station, there are events around the country - see www.actionforrail.org for details.
And if you fancy helping out on the day, please go to our take action page.
Guest blog from Richard Hebditch.


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