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Our Fair Fares Now campaign is off to a flying start

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2 January 2011: We’re launching our new campaign this week, as commuters returning to work face massive fare hikes of up to 12.8%.

Long-suffering commuters who welcomed the Government’s promise of ‘fair pricing for trail travel’ when it came to power last May will be wondering what exactly is fair about paying hundreds of pounds more for a season ticket each and every January, whilst seeing few if any improvements to their daily service. New figures show that some commuters are now being forced to fork out a fifth of the average UK salary on their season tickets. They’ll be even more outraged to learn that the Coalition is planning even higher rises from January 2012, with prices set to increase by 25% over the next four years.

Fair Fares Now is a one-year campaign to hold the Government to its promise to make fares fair. The campaign will harness passengers’ growing anger at yearly fare rises with the aim of preventing even higher fare increases in 2012, and pushing for cheaper, simpler, fairer train fares.  

Fair Fares Now is calling for:
• Affordable prices, including peak times and turn-up-and-go tickets
• Reliable services that aren’t overcrowded
• Straightforward tickets that make train travel simple

Find out more about what we want in our Fair Fares Charter, which sets out policies that the Government could introduce to achieve fair fares, and is already supported by environmental organisations, unions and passenger groups.

There has been a blizzard of media coverage ahead of our official launch on Tuesday, and we already have loads of people signing up to the campaign and following us on Twitter – including world famous rail adventurer Michael Palin!

So sign up now, and get ready to make fares fair in 2011.


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