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25 February 2010: We've just had a tram campaign victory that’s worth crowing about.Trams are hugely popular and they get people out of their cars. But there aren't enough of them in the UK because the cost of building them is often too high. This is because Government policy puts trams at an unfair disadvantage compared to other options like roads and buses.

For example, one of the big costs of transport schemes comes with moving utilities (water, electricity, gas mains, sewers) to make way for the new project. Under Government rules, tram schemes have to pay much more of this cost than road schemes do.

We brought this to the attention of Transport Secretary Sadiq Khan last year and argued that trams should get the same deal as roads.

This week, an all-party parliamentary group on light rail recognised the problem and said the utility cost issue should be sorted out urgently. Now Government needs to change its rules so that trams are more affordable.


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