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Fares review: make it fair for passengers

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8 March 2012: As the rail fares review is launched this morning, a new poll shows only 14 per cent of people think charging more for busier trains is fair. 

Everyone has a opinion on rail fares; and the consultation launched today is a rare opportunity to put your views direct to Government. 

Charging way over the odds for rail journeys which are more likely to be overcrowded, from a passenger perspective seems underhanded and wrong. People who do the right thing and use public transport to get to their work should not be penalised simply because they are employed from nine to five. This is just one of the areas of contention that we expect will be thrown open by the fares review launched today. 

The Government is under a huge amount of pressure from disgruntled passengers, and with public outcry louder than ever during the fare rises in January 2012, the Government has been forced to launch a public consultation on the future direction for fares and ticketing. Fares are already too high and pricing people off the railways still further is no answer to overcrowding. What we need is more flexible tickets and more capacity.

Whether you agree, disagree, or want to say something totally different about rail fares please do not miss this opportunity to have your voice heard.


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