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Photo: train toffs

 14  August 2012: With impressive media coverage, the successful protest that we held today with Climate Rush and Action for Rail, reflected clearly that rail passengers will not stand for the Government‘s plans for fare rises at 3% above the inflation rate.

Hundreds of commuters showed their support for our campaign and Fair Fares Now supporters dressed as members of the “Train Toffs Club” walked around Waterloo Station and London Bridge Station making the point that if Transport Secretary Justine Greening continues to do nothing to change the policy on fare rises, the railways will not be affordable for ordinary people any more. Only for the rich.

But the great reception that we found among commuters today shows that people will not accept this: the railway should not be a "rich man's toy”.  We want to thank you all for coming along today and sending this message loud and clear.

A few  weeks ago Greening justified the Government ‘s announcement of fare rises 3% above information saying that money does not grow on trees. Today Fair Fares Now supporters reminded the Government that money does not grow in passengers pockets either.

The Government cancelled their plans to raise fares by 3% above inflation in 2012 and they should do the same in  2013. Already, Transport Secretary Justine Greening has responded to the protest and said she is asking for money to keep fares down. Let's keep up the pressure and kick out the plans for such steep fare rises.


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