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Everyone can help stop the Norwich Northern Distributor Road

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Map of Norwich Northern Distributor Road route

Please act now and help local people stop the Norwich Northern Distributor Road, which, as three-quarters of a northern bypass around Norwich, really is a road to nowhere.

People have until midnight on Sunday to register objections to the road which is being promoted by Norfolk County Council.  This destructive scheme will cut a 20km swath through open countryside and allow a massive expansion of out of town development, leading to more traffic, congestion and pollution.

The results of a recent consultation showed a large majority of people against the road, which the County Council tried to downplay.  Rather mysteriously, several responses by key objectors also went missing. However, this is not just a local road as it has been classified as a nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP). That means that anyone in the country can object – and after all it's our money paying for this destruction!

So please spare five minutes to fill in the form and register as an objector. Norwich and Norfolk Transport Action Group (NNTAG), one of the local groups fighting the road, want to get as many people as possible to object. Up to today the campaigners have had nearly 500 people register through their website – more than have objected to any other road scheme that has gone through the NSIP planning process – and they want to get that number to at least 1,000 by the closing date of 23 March.

So please do what you can to encourage others to respond as well.  NNTAG have helpfully produced a factsheet with some of the reasons to object to the road proposals.

While Norwich might seem a long way away from you, if the Government gets its way and massively increases its road-building programme (in the face of much evidence to suggest this isn’t the way forward) this road could be the tip of the iceberg.  Please help to stop this road, and those to come, before it’s too late.