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Roads blogs from 2016 August

  • 17 August 2016
    Grandstand Road, Newcastle upon Tyne

    Newcastle City Council has produced shocking plans for a massive new motorway-style junction on the Town Moor. 

    Campaigners will be marching this Sunday to protest against the proposal and defend the centuries-old moorland from destruction. 

    UPDATE: Great news - following the local...

  • 16 August 2016

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, marks 100 days in office today.

    We’ve seen him set out encouraging plans to tackle air pollution, freeze some fares, and support active travel. So it’s a real shame that he’s going along with former Mayor Boris Johnson’s plans for a new road tunnel at...

  • 11 August 2016

    Earlier this year, we highlighted that HGVs meet less than a third of the costs they impose on society.

    Recent news stories have highlighted the threat to cyclists from HGVs. 

    Our research shows that HGVs are up to 160,000 times more damaging to roads than cars, five times more...