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Bucks council funds road works by cutting sustainable transport

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29 July: We discovered today that Buckinghamshire County Council is taking money for road repairs by snaffling more than £2.5 million that had been earmarked for cyclists and walkers, community bus users and road safety.

At a time when all Council budgets are under pressure, draining money out of schemes to promote greener and safer travel is a particularly underhanded move.

Overall, Councillors plan to spend £25 million on road maintenance and £2.68 million of this will be reallocated from other parts of the transport budget. In addition, if it gets voted through, another £3m will come from the County’s reserves.

This is a short-sighted move to prioritise roads above better value transport projects, and is certainly not the sort of smart, well planned, forward thinking from local government that we need in these difficult economic times.

As our Save Our Buses campaign is showing, many local authorities are making similar mistakes and it's up to people like us to push them into smarter ways of thinking.

Here is a full list of the budgets in Buckinghamshire that will lose out to road repairs next year.

Revenue - £480,000 of funding reallocated from these transport projects:

  • £200,000 Parking Management
  • £70,000 Sustainable Travel
  • £30,000 Casualty Reduction
  • £50,000 Strategic Highway Maintenance
  • £130,000 Policy

Capital - £2.2 million of funding reallocated from:


  • £140,000 Community Bus Fund
  • £300,000 Sustainable Travel
  • £117,000 Casualty Reduction
  • £500,000 Footway Repairs
  • £500,000 Delegated Budget - Local Area Forum funding will be returned to its historical funding of £500k
  • £650,000 Repairs to Abbey Way Flyover, High Wycombe - this project was planned over two years (2011/12 - 2012/13) however will now be postponed till after the Olympics in 2012/13 and 2013/14. Essential preparatory works will continue in 2011/12.

Details from: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/news/road_improvement.page