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Minister tells Devon not to put bypass ahead of buses

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8 March: Devon wants to spend £33 million on a bypass while slashing bus services. We've been trying to stop them - and Norman Baker just stepped into the fray.

Norman Baker, who has been a vocal proponent of bus services, spoke to the BBC this week. "I think it is important that councils protect their bus services wherever possible," he told them.

"It is not for me to say what the priorities of Devon should be. But Devon County Council has decided to prioritise £33m for the bypass it wants to build at Kingskerswell... There are councils up and down the country who have chosen not to cut bus services."

If I was working in Devon's transport department, I'd be rather concerned. Mr. Baker is, after all, the person who'll decide if their road gets funded or not... and he doesn't sound best pleased.

(Note: Devon aren't the only council slashing bus services whilst allocating money to roads. Norfolk County Council are doing the same thing. As are East Sussex. And Lancashire. And Lincolnshire.)