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Kingskerswell Bypass tests Gov't commitment to green transport

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28 January: Next week the Government will decide whether the Kingskerswell Bypass can apply for funding. It's a test of their commitment to sustainable transport.

Across the UK, councils have started realising that the days of blank cheques for road building are over. Even the most recalcitrant of councils has noticed that the prevailing wind is blowing in the direction of smaller, greener schemes.

But one council is standing firm. Devon County Council has gritted its teeth, continuing to push its massive road scheme. Councillors are watching intently.

If the Government lets the Kingskerswell Bypass into the development group - making it eligible to apply for Government funding - then councils will see no reason to drop the road scheme they've been pushing since time immemorial.

But if the bypass is cancelled, then they'll take away a clear message: there's no more money for silly road schemes. It's the push that many will need to help them give up their road building addiction.

The final decision is expected early next week. Let's see how serious the Government is about sustainable transport.