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Norfolk dumps walking, cycling and bus schemes to keep road alive

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25 January: Norfolk County Council is about to make 750 people redundant, and has decimated its budget for walking, cycling and bus improvements. But don't worry: it's found £1.7 million for modelling a link road.

Norfolk had planned to spend just under £1 million building new zebra crossings, adding more cycle parking and sprucing up Norwich's buses. But it's just announced that spending on these programmes will be 'deferred', as part of its plans to introduce cuts totalling £60 million.

But some spending has survived: in a dark corner of the the council's office, people are busy working up plans for a northern distributor road, even though there's no money to pay for it.

I know that Norfolk considers a major ring road to be "an integral part of our plans to improve the local public transport network and reduce reliance on the private car". But seriously: stop wasting public money on this thing, especially when it comes at the expense of projects which would genuinely improve transport in Norwich.