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  • 30 June 2016

    The House of Commons Transport Select Committee has published its report into ‘all lane running’, the recent practice of changing the motorway hard shoulder to be a full time traffic lane.

    Having heard all the evidence, MPs conclude “the risks arising from converting the hard shoulder...

  • 27 June 2016
    Cauldron Snout in the North Pennines AONB

    The idea of a Trans-Pennine road tunnel may have caught the headlines, but it’s not the only cross Pennine road link on the agenda.

    The Northern Trans-Pennine strategic study has been looking at options for the roads connecting Carlisle to Newcastle, and Penrith to the A1(M), running...

  • 22 June 2016

    Following the announcement of a new Wales Government, our Chief Executive, Stephen Joseph, joined other green groups in writing an open letter to Ken Skates AM, the new Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure. 

    We're united in demanding that the damaging M4 Black Route plans -...

  • 15 June 2016

    We've written to Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, asking him to call in Herefordshire Council’s decision to approve the controversial Hereford Southern Link Road.


  • 23 May 2016

    A £20 million junction on the outskirts of Norwich called Postwick Hub has been labelled by local campaigners as possibly the worst designed junction ever built.

    This comes after a recent traffic lights trial was abandoned after 40 minutes due to the congestion it caused. Denise Carlo...

  • 13 May 2016

    A growing coalition of voices, from Wildlife Trusts Wales and the RSPB to the Federation of Small Businesses, has been building against the proposed M4 relief road, a new section of motorway planned south of Newport. The Campaign Against the Levels Motorway (CALM) is backed by thousands of...

  • 11 May 2016
    Anna from 20's Plenty for Us

    In this guest blog, Anna Semlyen, Campaign Manager at 20’s Plenty for Us, explains how wide-area 20mph limits improve safety and are the foundation for cycling and walking. 

    "Road safety matters. How safe people feel clearly links with cutting car use and promoting sustainable travel and...

  • 04 May 2016

    The Government's belief that it can build its way out of congestion comes straight from the disasterous roads policy of the late 1980s - but this time it's air pollution, not Swampy, which stands in its way of the plans for more tarmac.

  • 29 April 2016

    "The battle against the proposal is waiting to be won".

    That's the message from local campaigners in Hereford, who are fighting the proposed Southern Link Road.

    In this guest blog, Vicki from Here for Hereford reports from the frontline.


  • 19 April 2016

    Earlier in the month, the Department for Transport published a new analysis of how we use the country’s roads. The image that emerges is of continuing and deepening dependence on cars. The Government is actively supporting this through public spending and taxation policies. But the negative...