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Bus Users Shropshire

Area: Shropshire
Interests: Bus

Bus Users Shropshire represents the interests of bus users in the county, audits service standards and campaigns for improvements to services.

We hold general meetings every six months and our committee meets every six weeks in the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse (see our Facebook page for details). 

Latest news

March 2018: Bus journey miles in Shropshire have been cut by almost one quarter in the last four years. Our March newsletter includes three things you can do to keep your bus running...

December 2017: Shrewsbury night bus started this month, running on Friday and Saturday nights; find out about this and more in our December newsletter.

September 2017: The Autumn newsletter looks at Park and Ride, electric buses and more.

March 2017: Here is the latest newsletter from BUS, as well as a list of recent bus service changes in Shropshire

December 2016: Say NO to more bus cuts! Say NO to cutting the 740! The 740 will be cut if we do nothing - find out what you can do (and much more) in the latest newsletter from BUS.

October 2016: The recent newsletter from BUS includes a tribute to Keith Gallop, the group's vice chair, who passed away in August. He will be missed by all.

July 2016: Sadly GHA Coaches went into administration this month, and there were fears about the impacts on local bus routes. However most of the routes were quickly picked up by Arriva and other operators, including school services. A big thank you should be given to Shropshire Council, Arriva, and the other operators for responding to the situation rapidly. I do not think this has happened in all council areas where GHA had operated.

June 2016: Find out about bus service changes taking place in Shropshire in July, thanks to BUS and Shropshire Council.

June 2016: Find out about the latest bus service changes in Shropshire, thanks to BUS and Shropshire Council.

April 2016: Find out about the latest bus service changes in Shropshire, thanks to BUS and Shropshire Council.

April 2016: The latest newsletter from BUS has a smart new look and includes lots of news about crucial local services. As BUS's Chair Peter Gilbert says in his introduction: "Bus services are a key that gives access to life. Nothing can be so 'unequalising' as lack of access to work, shop, meet, or to attend appointments. Effective public transport unlocks all these things."

March 2016: Find out about the latest bus service changes in Shropshire, thanks to BUS and Shropshire Council.

February 2016: Shropshire Council used to produce a monthly publication called Public Transport News which contained a list of forthcoming changes to bus services.  When this ceased in December 2014 bus users were left with very little information on changes to bus services before they happened. To meet this gap BUS, with the help of Shropshire Council, has decided to publish details of forthcoming changes on a monthly basis. Here is the first edition which is being emailed to our members and supporters on a trial basis.

December 2015: Bus Users Shropshire has just published a significant report about the state of timetables across our county. Our survey revealed that many bus stop timetables were out of date, inaccurate or simply missing. Find out about this and much more in our latest newsletter.

December 2015: We have pleasure in bringing you a new map of bus services across the unitary county of Shropshire. It's a schematic diagram of all services which we hope will help you, and anyone you know, to use services.

One of the problems of trying to use buses in Shropshire is not knowing where they run. Unlike almost every other local authority Shropshire has stopped publishing printed and on line maps of bus routes. Bus Users Shropshire has therefore stepped in to fill the gap – albeit with a map that is much more simple than what it replaces.

The map is valid for December 2015. We will try to keep up to date with changes but this is difficult for us as Shropshire Council has stopped publishing alterations to routes in the county for which they are the legally responsible Local Transport Authority. If you do know of any routes which we have omitted please let us know.

September 2015: Bus Users Shropshire has a new newsletter. It includes details of the upcoming members' meeting (Saturday 26 September, 11am, Roy Fletcher Centre, Cross Hill, Shrewsbury) and much more.

July 2015: Here is the latest newsletter from Bus Users Shropshire. It calls on local people to report incomplete or misleading bus stop display cases - because people only use buses if they know about them! You can report such problems using this form - please then email it to bususershropshire@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you very much.

April 2015: "There has never been a time when bus users needed a collective voice more than now" - find out about the latest threats to Shropshire's buses - and what can be done about them - in the latest BUS newsletter.

January 2015: Our recent public meeting in Oswestry was a happy reminder that not all change is for the worse. The Oswestry area has seen some welcome developments in recent months, including new evening and Sunday services. Find out about these and much more in our latest newsletterPlease note that the AGM date is incorrect in the newsletter. The correct date is 18th April; this has been moved as the original date was within the Easter Holiday weekend.

Autumn 2014: Could you be a 'local bus champion' for your route or area? Find out about this opportunity and more in Bus Users Shropshire's latest newsletter.

Summer 2014: Bus Users Shropshire has produced a packed newsletter. Find out about local bus news, service changes, how you can get involved with the group and much more.

March 2013: Following our campaign with councillors, Shropshire Council announced the reintroduction of Sunday bus services within Shrewsbury. These restarted in June 2013 and are fully funded for two years. We are discussing with Shropshire Council and relevant operators the possibility of reintroducing at least one inter-urban Sunday service next year, and extending some of the Shrewsbury town evening services later at night on certain evenings of the week.

We have agreed in principle with Arriva Buses that Bus Users Shropshire contribute to their driver customer service training.

We have taken up the case of several individual bus users about loss of services or retiming or rerouting of services for greater effectiveness.

Our regular newsletter contains more information. Email us for a copy!

Contact: Peter Gilbert
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