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Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport

Area: Cambridgeshire
Interests: Bus, Rail, Road building, Traffic

Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport focuses on local issues and supports the national organisation in pressing for sustainable transport. Over the coming months the group's campaigns will focus on rural buses and new developments. The group will also campaign on congestion charging and appropriate sustainable transport improvements, as well as the A14 proposals.

We support east-west rail and also have concerns with city buses, though the problems are less acute than those for rural services.

The group's website

Latest news

December 2018: The latest newsletter includes a discussion of the future of Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport, as well as transport news from the area.

November 2017: The latest newsletter from Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport assesses the public transport provision for the new developments at Cambridge North, Eddington and Great Kneighton. There's plenty more local transport news included too.

April 2017: Elections are imminent for the new Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and for Cambridgeshire County Council, who together are responsible for most decisions relating to local transport. Find out more in the latest newsletter from Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport, which has plenty more local transport news too. 

November 2016: The big news for this year has been the publication of the Government's Bus Services Bill, currently going through Parliament. Find out about this - and plenty of Cambridgeshire transport news - in the group's latest newsletter

November 2015: The November newsletter from Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport starts with a plea for urgent action to prevent the 'Death of the Bus'.

November 2015: The AGM of Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport will take place at The Hut, near Argyle St (walkable from Cambridge station or Mill Road) at 10:30 on Saturday 12 December. All members are welcome - if you are not a member please consider joining Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport.

July 2015: Here is a two-page supplement to the latest Cambridgeshire group newsletter.

June 2015: "As an organisation based in Cambridge, a city with a reputation as a home for science, it seems appropriate for us to call for science based government... [i.e.] the application of the scientific method to decision making." Find out how this applies to transport in the latest fascinating newsletter from the Cambridgeshire group.

February 2015: There are a number of important actions in Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport's latest newsletter.

October 2014: Details of Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport's AGM on Saturday 29 November can be found in the groups' latest newsletter.

June 2014: Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport's latest newsletter is packed with news, views and actions. 

November 2013: Local bus, rail and road news can be found in Cambridgeshire Campaign for Better Transport's latest newsletter.

June 2013: Recent news and upcoming events can be found in the group's newsletter.

December 2009: The group is actively campaigning to stop the A14 upgrade.  Read more in the group's newsletter (PDF, 48k).