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Campaign for Wing Hill Bridge

Photo: protest for Wing Hill Bridge

Area: Buckinghamshire
Interests: Cycling, Road building, Traffic

We are campaigning for a foot- and cycle-bridge over a newly-built dual carriageway (the A4146 Stoke Hammond and Linslade Bypass) where it joins the A418, the road which connects the village of Wing to the town of Leighton Buzzard three miles away.

The new road and huge roundabout have effectively severed Wing from Leighton Buzzard for cyclists and walkers. Many parents in Wing have stopped their children cycling to see friends and use Leighton's facilities, including the area's only leisure centre.

A bridge would cost around £0.5m and was offered by Buckinghamshire County Council, who built the road, as their solution for a safe crossing for non-motorists. Alas they overspent on the road, so guess what happened? Now the road is open, and the junction in question is in Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire County Council would like a bridge too, but they have had difficulty finding the cash.

The campaign is supported by all the local councillors and MPs.

Read the story of our campaign, and what we've learnt.

Contact: Sean Kelly
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Latest news

February 2009: Bedfordshire County Council has applied for planning permission for the bridge.

April 2008: Our campaign has been successful! Bedfordshire County Council has agreed to fund a cycle bridge over the bypass, creating a cycle link between Wing and Leighton Buzzard.