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Campaigners condemn rail fare rise of 3.5 percent

19 August 2014
Campaign for Better Transport has condemned rail fare rises of 3.5 percent, which will come into effect in January next year.

Martin Abrams, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport said

"By deliberately ramping up rail fares, Government is hitting the living standards of everyone who relies on the train to get to work. There are the large numbers of rail commuters living in marginal constituencies. They will be looking to Government to bring a permanent end to this annual fiasco."

Martin Abrams continued

"The challenge for Government is to invest in our railways without making them too expensive to use. Unless they end above inflation fares increases, it's a challenge they risk losing."

For selected fares, the increase announced today would mean:

London routes:

Route 2015 season ticket Increase from 2014 Increase over Parliament (2010-2015)
Brighton - London £4,455 £151 £607
Cambridge - London £4,695 £159 £679
Guildford - London £3,436 £116 £509
Reading - London    £4,231 £143 £632
Stevenage - London £3,552 £120 £520

Other English cities:

Route 2015 season ticket Increase from 2014 Increase over Parliament (2010-2015)
Middlesbrough - Newcastle £2,347 £79 £414
Liverpool - Manchester £2,989 £101 £443
Bath - Bristol £1,558 £54 £234
Worcester - Birmingham £1,325 £45 £194
Derby - Leicester £2,169 £73 £327
Leeds - Sheffield £2,414 £82 £382

(all London fares are to London terminals and do not include Travelcards or onward travel)


1. The rail fare increases, which will apply to peak time fares including season tickets, will take effect from January 2015. It follows the policy of successive Governments to calculate these fares using a formula of the July Retail Price Index figure (2.5 percent) plus an additional 1 percent.



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