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Campaigners respond to Prime Minister's road building plans

10 November 2014

Campaign for Better Transport has responded to a speech made by the Prime Minister at a CBI event on 10 November.

Chris Todd, Roads Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport, said:

"The road building schemes the Government is so keen to talk up will trash protected areas and do nothing for the economy. It makes no sense to spend billions ploughing more lanes of traffic through our National Parks or desecrating irreplaceable historic sites like Stonehenge. These schemes will make people more dependent than ever on their cars, place greater costs on the NHS, while failing to tackle problems like the massive backlog of pot holes blighting local roads.

"There are far better ways to ease congestion, but the Government has simply refused to consider any other options. The Government should think again and come up with genuine solutions rather than squander public money reviving dinosaur roads."