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Campaigners welcome announcement of 'Beeching in reverse'

28 November 2017

Campaign for Better Transport has welcomed Government's plans to expand the rail network as part of its Strategic Vision for Rail. 

Stephen Joseph, Chief Executive, Campaign for Better Transport said

"Not so long ago, rail policy was about how many lines and stations should be closed. Now it's Dr. Beeching in reverse, with the Government looking at where lost lines can be reopened to connect communities and support jobs and housing.

"Today's announcement is great news for places across the country who were cut off by Dr Beeching, but it is desperately difficult to reopen a rail line. This announcement needs to be backed both with new investment and a commitment to guiding local authorities through the sometimes labyrinthine processes of the railway.

"The rail network needs to be not just bigger but better, too. That's why we're urging the Government to rethink the cancellation of electrifcation projects. The Midlands Mainline, Great Western Mainline, and the Lakes Line should have a role to play in creating a high quality, low carbon transport network."


  • Campaign for Better Transport has published a list of 12 priority lines which should be reopened.
  • We have also gathered a list of well over 200 lines which local campaigners would like to see reopened. 
  • In July 2017, Campaign for Better Transport and Railfuture published a guide, Expanding the Railways, which sets out how to reopen a rail line. The guide was supported by the Department for Transport

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