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Taking the train can be a great alternative to driving or flying, but too often it's not. Fares are too expensive, services are often overcrowded and for many people, there is no railway station nearby.

Our rail campaign can be found at Passenger Railway Challenge, but are other aspects of the railways that the Government needs to take action on. There are three main areas where the Government could easily take action to make rail travel better across England and Wales.

Right Track North

When the Government started the process to re-let the Northern Rail and Trans Pennine Express franchises, their plans lacked ambition and we believed they could even lead to declines in services across huge areas in the North of England. So we launched our Right Track North campaign - and it had a real impact.

High Speed Rail

There is a lot of debate at the moment about whether high speed rail is needed, where it should go and how it could be implemented to preserve the environment. We have taken a keen interest in the development of this project and have worked with other organisations to draw together ways in which high speed rail could be done well.

Re-opening rail lines

Re-opening rail lines across the country would go a long way to improving public transport and tackling overcrowding. Campaigners around the country are working hard to try and get rail lines re-opened, or at least protected from development. We've put together a list of possible re-openings and guidance for campaigners working on this issue.

Better franchises

Many rail franchises are coming up for renewal soon so this is a good time to tell the Government how these agreements could be made better for passengers.