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Make a donation to Campaign for Better Transport this Christmas.

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    Help us to build a brighter transport future

Help us to build a brighter transport future

After this difficult year, let’s rebuild transport so that it works for everyone – and for the planet. If we act together this Christmas, we can begin to build a brighter transport future.

This has been a year for rethinking many things, and transport has been no exception. Thanks to our supporters, we’ve helped convince the Government that real change is needed. It has committed to cut transport’s carbon emissions and help people to drive less. It has set up a fund for reopening disused rail lines, and long-term support for better bus services. The most polluting cars are to be phased out, and new cycle lanes have sprung up in towns and cities.

But now we are at a critical moment. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, we risk slipping into a future of ever-rising car use… a future that leaves people like Niki and Michael behind.  

"Public transport is a vital lifeline for those of us who don't own a vehicle. If it isn't given the support it needs, more people like me could be left stranded when the world starts to return to normal again."  

— Niki, Lancaster

"As a disabled person who is unable to drive, I rely heavily on public transport to travel around independently. Public transport is the best way to secure truly sustainable, inclusive human connectivity."

— Michael, Bristol

This Christmas, please give what you can to Campaign for Better Transport by filling in the form above or setting up a direct debit:

We’ll use your donation to campaign for public transport to be supported, for Niki, Michael and millions of others. But more than that. At this time of rethinking and reimagining, we’ll campaign for a brighter transport future, one that is greener and fairer, that connects people rather than leaving them behind, that gives us clean air to breathe and a planet fit for the next generation. As our supporter Stephen told us

"Getting people out of their cars will be tough, but after Covid-19, people are up for change (I know I am) and what is more, they get why. We just need to get moving. It doesn't have to be seen as anti-car, more pro-city or pro-people or pro-planet. I am looking forward to it!"

— Stephen, Norwich

Quote from Michael, Bristol