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  • Support a green transport future

Support a green transport future

A green transport future is possible. Trains, buses and trams, walking and cycling, have amazing potential to replace polluting journeys. But they need support.

The effects of climate change were felt around the world this year. With the help of our supporters, we pressed the Government to reduce transport's carbon footprint. It agreed to invest in reopening more disused rail lines, and published a national plan for buses which reflected many of our calls.

But still, the Government talks a lot about greener cars and planes and not enough about the need for good, affordable public transport. This needs to change.

One of our supporters, Penny, put it this way:

"Trains are my happy place. They take me on holiday, they take me to see friends and family I haven't seen for months and, sometimes, they take me to work. If I drove all the miles I go by train and bus, the amount of carbon I'm responsible for would be so much higher.

"While there is a lot of talk about electric cars, and ways to make flying less polluting, there's another answer – often right on our doorstep, or just a bus ride away. When will the Government wake up to the potential of public transport, and show our buses and trains some love?"

—Penny, a supporter from London

Real action on climate change means making rail and bus the affordable choice, increasing services and encouraging people out of cars and planes. But persuading the Government will take a lot of work and we will need your help.

This Christmas, please give what you can to Campaign for Better Transport by filling in the form above or setting up a direct debit here:

Together we can build a green transport future – thank you.