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The franchising of our railways system is a confusing and often controversial subject.

In our report, Going Local, we highlighted two examples of how rail can be managed locally for the benefit of passengers and communities alike. Merseyrail and London Overground have showed that local management and accountability can improve local rail services, including passenger numbers, reliability and accessibility.

You can download our Going Local report here.

Passenger's Guide to Railway Franchising

Guide to Franchising cover imageWorking with the Department for Transport we have produced a Passenger's Guide to Franchising. The idea of this guide is to enable passengers and rail users to understand the often complex process of franchising and franchise competitions, taking you through step by step.

We answer the big questions about our railways and take you through the basics of franchising all the way through to the 'technical bits' and how you can get involved.

We hope by demystifying the franchising process that you will feel able and empowered to get your voice heard and understand the key points to have your say.

Download the Passenger's Guide to Franchising