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Give a car

Do you own a vehicle that you want to sell or get rid of? Then please think about donating it to Campaign for Better Transport through Giveacar.

Giveacar is a not-for-profit social enterprise that raises money for charity by accepting donations of old cars.

Giveacar allows charities to tap into a brand new source of funds. At the same time it gives car owners a simple way to get rid of their unwanted cars and put them to good use, raising money for their favourite charities.

Please donate your old car and help us fight for better, greener, fairer transport for all. Here's how:

  • Contact Giveacar.co.uk either online or by contacting their office on 0207 736 4242
  • A tow truck usually arrives within 1 to 3 days to pick up your car
  • Your donation is made. Your car is sent to scrap or auction
  • Giveacar does the rest, donating all the proceeds (after administrative costs) for every car that you donate

Please visit www.giveacar.co.uk to get started. Thank you.