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GAME: Group Against Motorway Expansion

People on the walk

Area: Staffordshire
Interests: Road building

GAME (the Stafford-based Group Against Motorway Expansion) is fighting against the widening of 51 miles of the M6 through Staffordshire and Cheshire (from near Birmingham to near Manchester).

Supporters of the scheme claim that widening is essential for the regeneration and economic growth of the area, but this is a spurious argument and at a current estimated cost of almost £3 billion (nearly £58 million per mile) the proposal is an outrageous waste of money.

The real problem with congestion is not that the motorway is too narrow, but that there is too much traffic - throughout the whole country. It is absolutely essential that this widening (or even the proposed 'Hard Shoulder Running') does not happen. The future depends on society making genuinely sustainable plans today.

Contact: John Gale or Alison Crane
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Tel: 01785 214894 (John) or 01785 214894 (Alison)

Latest news

8 October 2007: The group organised a walk through countryside that would be damaged by the widening of the M6 (right).

See more photos from the walk

4 October 2007: The group has posted a video online!