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If you might commute part time, talk to us about ticketing

CommuterMany more people are expected to return to workplaces part time as a result of the pandemic.

At the moment, part-time commuters who travel by rail must generally either buy full-time season tickets (wasting money on the days they don't travel), or expensive one-off tickets. We're calling for flexible season tickets for the growing number of part-time commuters. 

Do you already commute part time? Or are you likely to start doing so? If so, please tell us your thoughts about rail ticketing.

If available, would you use one? What difference would it make to you? Would you be more likely to travel into work? Would it affect what mode of transport you choose? Please share your views.
Journalists are interested in talking to commuters about their future travel plans. May we contact you about potentially appearing in the media?
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