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Campaign for Better Transport Lancashire

Area: Lancashire
Interests: Bus, Rail, Traffic

Campaign for Better Transport Lancashire campaigns on local issues and supports the national organisation in pressing for sustainable transport.

Contact: Aidan Turner-Bishop
Tel: 01772 824154

Latest news

October 2010: The group applauds these information cards (PDF, 425K), made by the Staveley Green Travel Initiative. Distributed around the local area, they give details of local bus and train services as well as a cost comparison showing that public transport is often cheaper than driving.

May 2009: At a recent meeting of the Lancashire Campaign for Better Transport they expressed support and good wishes for the Preston Guild Wheel cycle way project.

"We feel that the Guild Wheel would be a useful and attractive legacy project for the 2012 Guild and we hope that, when it’s open, it will attract more people to cycling, especially young people." Aidan Turner-Bishop, Secretary

December 2008: Campaign for Better Transport Lancashire has written to the Chief Executive of Blackpool International Airport about the issue of free parking at the airport. The letter suggests that people should be given an incentive to use public transport to travel to the airport.

Read the letter (PDF, 23K)