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20's Plenty for York

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Area: North Yorkshire
Interests: Traffic

20's Plenty for York campaigns for more 20mph limits for York and police enforcement. Our next campaign is for 20mph limits for three central bridges.

Contact Anna Semlyen,  20's Plenty for Us Campaign Manager
Tel: 07572 120439
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Latest news

July 2015: New Government figures show that road casualties, especially of vulnerable people, are rising. Authorities should state their vision for public health and transport and to action default 20mph limits. Find out more.

July 2015: York's Transport Cabinet member, Councillor Ian Gillies has said he wishes to remove 20mph limits and thereby raise speeds 50% to 30mph. Such an action would endorse driving at 30mph on such roads and make York's roads more dangerous. This is contrary to his responsibility to protect the disabled, elderly and others. It is expected to be challenged as illegal and not compliant with the Equality Act 2010. Find out more.

July 2015: "Us adults must remember that streets 'belong' to children just as much as adults" - this latest briefing from 20's Plenty For Us shows how 20mph helps children reach places to play out and learn to cycle.

May 2015: Elected politicians want to make a difference, but are not always sure what idea to champion. Wide-area 20mph limits without humps is a great policy to champion as it benefits everyone, is popular, long lasting, can gain cross-party support, is evidence based, affordable, pays back, is healthy and ecological. Read more about this 'can-do' policy.

With the majority of the largest 40 urban authorities adopting 20mph as the limit for most roads, isn’t it time we just put limit repeater reminders on the 30mph roads? This would hugely reduce costs and enable wider implementation in line with community and government objectives. Read more about 20mph repeaters.

Many communities want a culture change in how public spaces are shared. Find out how a shift to 20mph can make a BIG difference.

April 2015: On 30 April we will co-host (with York Cycle Campaign) a Cycle Hustings Plus. This is a chance to ask local candidates about their transport policies. Find out more from this poster.

It's definitely Spring. Fairs and outdoor events will be coming up soon! Here's an engaging idea for raising awareness of speed and safety issues: The Braking Distance Challenge.