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Burngreave Clean Air Campaign

Area: South Yorkshire
Interests: traffic, buses, trams

We campaign in the Burngreave area of Sheffield to make local people aware of the effects of air pollution and what they can do to reduce it themselves.  We also address our concerns to local politicians, schools and organisations which could reduce local air pollution. We have appeared frequently in the local media, including ITV.  We monitor Nitrogen Dioxide at five sites in our area. 

One of our campaigns for better public transport to the Northern General Hospital which is responsible for massive amounts of traffic through our residential area. We believe that one reason for the high levels of pollution in our area is the fact that the hospital is on a steep and extensive site but has no regular bus service to within its grounds. Most people (including 6,000 staff) arrive by car. We would like to see a frequent service of low emission buses and, ideally, an extension of Supertram into the hospital grounds.

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